Vivaldi Music Academy Students Made their Royal Debut in London this Summer

Houston, Texas, July 25th – Houston’s premier music academy, Vivaldi Music Academy, made their debut in London at the Royal Academy of Music where their students performed at the iconic Duke’s Hall. The Academy’s motto, which is echoed throughout the Vivaldi community, is, “Dream Big. Play Music.” This opportunity provided the perfect accent to the adage – allowing Vivaldi students to fulfill their dreams, and enjoy playing music.

The Royal Academy of Music is the oldest conservatory in the U.K. Duke’s Hall has been a pillar of the campus since 1911, when the academy moved to its current site. The venue’s rich history, combined with the international academy’s dedication to emboldening its scholars’ creativity and musical prowess, makes it an ideal destination for Vivaldi Music Academy students.

“We choose our venues carefully, with our students in mind. One of the greatest lessons in life is recognizing your own self-worth. When our students step on stage in a venue that has hosted a menagerie of talent, something happens. They allow themselves to recognize that they belong here, and that they can make it anywhere,” said Vivaldi Music Academy’s CEO and Founder, Zeljko Pavlovic.

Every summer, Vivaldi students have the unique opportunity to perform at prestigious concert venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and in Venice, Italy at the Santa Maria Della Pieta (Vivaldi’s Church). The London performance will be Vivaldi Music Academy’s second international concert series. Pavlovic intentionally invites students of all skill levels to participate in these distinctive concerts. The opportunity motivates students to excel in their studies, and practice to reach their goals.

Pavlovic spoke of the enthusiasm shown by the Vivaldi Music Academy’s community, “We originally planned for one concert, but when we opened our first-come-first-served registration process to students, we received tremendous interest. I knew we had to organize a second concert to make sure as many performers as possible received this special opportunity.”

The two concerts showcased the talent and dedication of over forty Vivaldi Music Academy students who performed solo and ensemble pieces in a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, voice, violin, and flute. The performances were at Duke’s Hall, which seats 350 people, on July 15th at 2 pm and 7 pm.

About Vivaldi Music Academy

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