See what our students have to say!


I love many things about Vivaldi: the warmth of the front office staff, the professionalism and knowledge of the teachers, the focus on my kids and their style, plus the encouragement. It’s obvious that there is a love of music AND teaching by the Pavlovics and staff. They way they run their business and take care of the teachers creates an engaging and welcoming environment for our children. I highly recommend Vivaldi to all our friends interested in music. It is one of the best decisions we have ever made with regards to our kids after school activities and promoting their love of music.

– Reva S. (Piano)

I see my daughter growing in confidence in her music abilities. It comes from experienced teachers that care about her whole person while studying music. I couldn’t ask for better teachers!

– Valentina M. (Piano)

I love the how the instructor is really committed to bringing out the best in me and making sure we achieve the objectives I have laid out. Staff are also very friendly and welcoming!

– Tosan E. (Voice)

I can’t put my finger on it, but my kids definitely respond positively to the entire environment and their instructors.

– Camron L. (Guitar)

It’s a very friendly atmosphere and the teacher was very patient with my son. I also liked that there were multiple techniques to figure out what works best for new, young learners.

– Sam F. (Piano)

son’s teacher is wonderful! She’s very approachable and has given my son useful tips about all the things he needs to work on. The front desk staff is always very welcoming and makes sure that we’re taken care of.

– Caleb B. (Piano)

I have been very impressed by the caliber of teachers as well as by their general joyful attitude. My teachers have been very focused on making sure that I am not only learning but also enjoy the journey of musical exploration.

– Karen C. (Violin)

I just started and have had only one lesson but really like my teacher. The music room was very nice, as well. Also, kudos to the lovely ladies at the front desk. So warm and lovely! Unfortunately, one doesn’t see that anymore. They are a major “front door” asset.

– Nikki W. (Cello)

From front desk staff to lesson instructor, everyone is very nice and welcoming. My 6 year old LOVES her lessons and has been so excited to come home and practice. She’s making great progress which I attribute to her very supportive piano teacher whom she adores.

– Emmelia K. (Piano)

I first appreciate the pleasant atmosphere the staff and owner create; second the level of professionalism along with skill of the teachers. Third, I also appreciate the accommodating attitudes in fulfilling our personal needs and schedules, plus makeup days. I also must say, I am very pleased with the facility, the decor and the cleanliness.

– Gabriel M. (Violin)

Experienced and friendly staff. My child loves her classes and instructors. I love the positive environment and encouragement my child receives from her instructors and staff. It’s also great that you offer so many different class options. Location is very convenient for us and nice facilities.

– Katia D (Piano)

Having found an environment in which you can instantly see the professionalism and passion for music that the instructors are able to share with their students is priceless.

– Natalie R. (Piano)

My instructor has been very attentive, supportive and patient. His expertise is clear as he is always able to pinpoint specific things that I should work on. The evening lessons are convenient for my schedule and, even late in the day, everyone has a positive attitude and is pleasant company.

– Adam H. (Violin)

Competent teachers who seem to be very “in touch” with teaching and learning. I like the fact that they themselves are students, teach in some other capacity and are an active part of a community of artists. I feel these aspects bring a different dynamic and passion to their teaching that a musician teaching at home wouldn’t necessarily have even though they might be a very talented. I like the way Vivaldi offers different and unique opportunities for students to perform. I am very impressed and proud that our Academy will be performing at Carnegie Hall – even though we are not available to participate. The HBU Recital Hall is a beautiful and wonderful venue for our recitals. These events excite families to participate and inspire the students to do their best. We love Vivaldi Academy! Thank you.

– Jimmy C. (Piano)

The staff are warm, friendly, accommodating and professional. The instructors are knowledgable and really try to meet each student at his or her level. They seem to understand the students’ goals and try to help them achieve it, but still make it fun! Everyone who works at Vivaldi appears to enjoy their work, which makes for a very pleasant atmosphere.

– Jacquie J (Piano)

Front desk staff was friendly and informative; teachers are fantastic – very patient. The classrooms are clean and tidy and the instruments are high quality and in great shape. Scheduling was very easy and the reminder emails are super helpful.

– Catherine D. (Piano)

Excellent teachers. Friendly and very helpful staff. Fantastic institution in every way.

– Ben J. (Voice)

Very professional, friendly, welcoming. Reasonable policies that are easy to understand. Simple payment process. I thought it was so nice that on my sons’ first day, everyone knew their names as soon as they came in!

– Thomas W. (Piano)

I like that the teachers are focused on what’s best for the students.

– Alondra T. (Cello)

We love the atmosphere at Vivaldi. There is a general feeling of excitement and appreciation of music. My daughter has a wonderful connection with her teacher, and is always eager to learn and to improve.

– Mia P. (Violin)

My kids enjoy coming to music lessons each week. They are learning at a great pace and love their music teachers!!

– Maverick R. (Violin)

From the friendly smiles of the girls at the front desk, to the professionalism of the instructors, and everything in between. Vivaldi Music Academy has been an enlightening experience for my son. I would highly recommend the academy to others.

– Jacob T. (Piano)