Zaireth P. is a passionate Venezuelan Singer with a rich background in opera, modern music, and music education. Renowned for my versatility as a vocalist and dedication to nurturing musical talent. She brings a wealth of experience as a soloist and ensemble performer, having graced international stages and collaborated with esteemed maestros.

Her journey began with immersive programs at prestigious institutions like “El Sistema,” where Zaireth received invaluable mentorship from the esteemed Maestra Margot Pares-Reina. Drawing from this foundation, she honed on her craft and shared her expertise through workshops as a Vocal Arts Teacher and Choral Technique, leaving a lasting impact on aspiring musicians in the Dominican Republic.

With the Simon Bolivar National Choir of Venezuela, she enchanted audiences at renowned venues such as the Kennedy Center and La Scala. Additionally, Zaireth performed at esteemed locations including Frankfurt’s “Immanuelskirche,” New York’s “Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts,” and Milan’s iconic “Teatro alla Scala,” captivating audiences in Germany, the USA, Colombia, Austria, the UK, Italy, Portugal, and France. From the grandeur of the Kennedy Center to the historic halls of La Scala, she left an indelible mark on each stage she has graced.

Throughout her journey, she has been fortunate to receive guidance from a constellation of international maestros, including Margot Pares-Reyna, ReneƩ Morloc, Katia Ricciarelli, and Gustavo Dudamel. Their mentorship has shaped her artistic vision and fueled her passion for musical excellence.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of artistic mastery, she continues to inspire audiences and mentor the next generation of musicians, ensuring that the transformative power of music reaches every corner of the globe.