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Connecting to your teachers Zoom Meeting Site

Welcome to Remote Learning at Vivaldi Music Academy. Please take a moment to carefully read the instructions below to begin your virtual music lesson. Follow each step to successfully download and begin your lessons!

Step 1. Find and Click Teacher’s Assigned Link

Students will receive an assigned link for their teachers via email. Once you receive the link, please click the link at least 5 minutes before your lesson.

Step 2. Click “Join Meeting”

After clicking the link and selecting “Join Meeting” the browser will give you an option to download. Most browsers can support Zoom except Safari. For higher quality connection, please follow the link to download to your device. Username and password for students is not necessary. 

Try a test here

Step 3. Enter the call and begin

Once you download or set up your browser to join the call, Turn on the following options: – Computer/Device Audio – Start Camera (left button in corner) You will enter the waiting room for the teacher and they will invite you into the call as soon as your lesson begins. Happy Remote Learning!


How to prepare for remote lessons?

Remote learning is an adopted platform for teachers to connect with their students wherever they are around the world. Vivaldi Music Academy has adapted to the new form of music lessons for students to continue learning and playing music. Please read below how you can prepare for your remote lessons:

Designated Space – Distraction Free area.

Find a space in your home during your lesson time that will be isolated and distraction free. This space will include your instrument, music, books and pencil to write any notes.

Reliable Device

Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone can be used to connect with your teacher via Zoom. Please check the connectivity of your wifi and device to ensure no interruptions during your scheduled lesson.

Your instrument.

Plan to have your instrument ready and available for use. If you are sharing a piano or instrument with a family member, we are happy to help adjust a better time during remote learning to schedule students back to back. Please contact the front desk to help with those accommodations.

Missed a lesson and need an absence make-up? You’re in the right place! When you miss a lesson and our team applies an absence token for you to redeem. How the make-up system works is:

  1. Schedule an absence and your spot becomes available to other students.
  2. You receive an absence token to redeem
  3. Enjoy a private make-up with your teacher

Please  below for available make-up times:

Our absence make-up schedule automatically populates the next 7 days. Please select a date in the future to generate future dates.

If you have any questions, our friendly staff will be able to help you:

Memorial: 713-489-3646
West U: 713-858-9617
Bellaire: 832-404-2299


Saturday, July 3rd – Monday, July 5th

Classes and lessons will resume Tuesday, July 6th




Monday, November 22nd – Saturday, November 27th
Classes and lessons will resume Sunday, November 28th



Wednesday, December 22nd – Sunday, January 2nd 

Classes and lessons will resume Monday, January 3rd



Sunday, March 13th – Friday, March 18th 

Classes and lessons will resume Saturday, March 19th



Sunday, April 17th 

Classes and lessons will resume Monday, April 18th


Saturday, July 2nd – Monday, July 4th 

Classes and lessons will resume Tuesday, July 5th

Zoom Link for Vivaldi Teachers

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