Recital Prep 101: Tips for a Successful Performance

It’s recital season! You’ve spent months practicing and honing your craft, and now it’s time to showcase all your hard work! Since this time around we’re going the virtual route (yay for safety!), here are some best-practices (pun intended) when preparing for a whole new version of your summer recital:

1. Plan Ahead!

We know it’s Summer, and there are lots of fun activities to do in your free time. But a successful recital performance means a well-rested performance, so make sure the day before you record isn’t too cram-packed with adventures in the late-afternoon/evening hours. If they end up running late, you might end up with a less-than ideal amount of sleep. And maybe you’re the kind of no-nonsense musician that could power through a sleepy Fur Elise with no problem. But if you’re like the rest of us, those recital pieces look a whole lot easier on a good night’s sleep. So set yourself up for success, and get to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before you plan to record your performance. 

2. Block out some time

We know you’ll probably nail your recital piece(s) on the first try. But just in case, it’s a good idea to pick a time to record your recital piece and leave the next few hours of your schedule open. If you’ve got a busy day and feel like you’re running against the clock, you’re more likely to rush your performance… and potentially make a few mistakes along the way. So block out a few hours for you to get it done at your leisure. Take some time to warm up beforehand. And hey, maybe try a few different versions of that bow. Palms open, palms down, the possibilities are endless! 

3. Fuel your music!

When you’re feeling hungry or sluggish from a less-than-stellar breakfast choice, your focus might be on a grumbling tummy– and not so much on that recital piece. So make sure you arrive hydrated and fueled to your recital recording. A high-protein meal (like eggs) will leave you full for longer, and set the tone for an energetic mind and a superior performance. 

4. Relax!

With a pre-recorded recital, the pressure is somewhat off this year as it is– but once those cameras start recording, it’s tough not to feel those same recital-day nerves settle in. So take a deep breath! You’re in complete control. Instead of stressing about a perfect performance, focus on relaxing and enjoying your opportunity to showcase your talent and hard work. Music is a freeing means of self-expression, and performing it should be fun!

5. And finally…share those debut times!

We want the whole world to be able to take part in your accomplishments, and this year, you can share your performance with even out-of-state friends and family members! Spread the word! Make sure everyone knows the facebook live drill and how to sign on to see your performance. Then…it’s your time to shine!