Vivaldi Music Academy presents 10 year anniversary concerts in Vienna and Salzburg – July 2023

Student Recital at Carnegie Hall 2022

Houston-Area Students Wow Crowds in Carnegie Hall in New York City How do you get to Carnegie Hall? If you’re a student in the Greater Houston area, it’s by studying at Vivaldi Music Academy. [...]

How to Prepare for Recitals

Everyone has different methods of how to prepare for a recital. But here are a few things that we all must accomplish before we can give a successful performance.   Ask Your Teacher: Who […]

Holiday Music Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and the gift of music is at the top of everyone’s wish list! There are a variety of guitars, pianos, and drum sets, plus different sizes of violin - so [...]

5 easy steps to start playing the violin!

Learning violin offers rewards, expression and creativity! These 5 steps are to START enjoying and playing the violin. The two most popular private lessons requested are violin and piano! And between the two instruments, […]

Private Music Lessons in Sugar Land

Vivaldi Music Academy opens in Sugar Land

Houston, TX: Vivaldi Music Academy, the largest music school in the United States, providing private and group music lessons, is thrilled and honored to expand its growing footprint with the opening of a new [...]
Recital Preparations for Private Music Lessons

Recital Prep 101: Tips for a Successful Performance

It’s recital season! You’ve spent months practicing and honing your craft, and now it’s time to showcase all your hard work! Since this time around we’re going the virtual route (yay for safety!), here […]

5+ Tips for Successful Online Music Lessons

  Online learning has become a premier choice for education, especially in times like these. Even before social distancing, remote learning allowed students to access resources and professionals that may have been out of […]

How to Learn New Music on Your Own

    Getting the music from the page into your brain and out through your instrument or voice is all about processes. In this post, we’ll explore some of those processes, along with strategies […]

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