March 2020 Newsletter

Spring Recess

Don’t forget – Spring Recess 

Sunday, March 15th – Saturday, March 21st, 2020
Classes and lessons will resume Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Please remember the Academy runs on a 48 week year with an average of 4 lessons per month and 4 weeks of holidays built into the schedule. When you have 5 lessons, we do not charge you more. When there are 3 lessons, we do not charge you less. No make-ups are needed for holiday closures

We can’t wait to see all of our students perform!​



Vivaldi Music Academy branded app is now available in the iOS and Android App store for our students! The mobile app provides the ability to schedule make-ups, mark when you’re going to be absent, receive notification about recitals, and receive rewards! The Vivaldi App is easy to use, just follow the simple prompts below! 

An email has been sent to students with login information, please contact the front desk to receive your login details by email ( or by phone: 

Memorial: 713-489-3646  | West U: 713-858-9617  | Bellaire: 832-404-2299



Vivaldi Music Academy Master Classes!
Free Master Class

Vivaldi Music Academy is now offering FREE Master Classes! 

hese are an hour long and have curated themes taught by one of our faculty members. To book a master class, please follow the steps on our VMA app!

1. Click “Master Classes” and view the options available. 
2. Click “Book Now”

Master Classes give our students the opportunity to perform in front of other students, supplement their private education, and learn something new about music. Check out classes like  Guitar and It’s Heroes, Moving with Music, and Evolution of a Popular Song on our new Vivaldi App! 

Remote Lessons
Vivaldi Music Academy Remote Lessons

Vivaldi Music Academy Moves to Remote Lessons:

As we continue to monitor the global incidence of the 2019 novel Coronarvirus (COVID-19), all private lessons will continue via Skype and FaceTime starting Sunday March 22nd through Tuesday, March 31st.  With remote learning, we will help you achieve minimal disruption to your children’s learning as they continue to practice and learn with their teacher in a one-on-one lesson setting. Please keep an eye out for more updates!

Please read below for more information about how lessons will be facilitated by Skype and FaceTime: 

How Skype and FaceTime lessons work?
At your regularly scheduled lesson time, your teachers will be available for you via Skype or FaceTime. Please keep an eye out for your teacher’s Skype and FaceTime information via email. Vivaldi Music Academy staff will be available to help connect students and teachers and assist you should you have any questions. 

What if we want to take an absence during this time?
As of January 2020, private make-ups are offered for missed lessons. Please inform us of your future absences and you will receive an absence make-up token to redeem when another student schedules an absence. You may also redeem your absence token for Skype or FaceTime lessons available during this time. Please download the app to schedule your absence make-ups or view available make-ups here – login is required. 

Summer Recitals


Saturday, June 6th, Sunday, June 7th , Saturday, June 20th, Sunday, June 21st, Sunday, June 28th

Please begin speaking with your teachers regarding participation in the recitals. It is easy to overlook the benefits of performing when we are so focused on the lesson-by-lesson, week-to-week gamut of our children’s music education. So let’s also take a look at the big picture – how does preparing one’s child for performing benefit him or her?  Performance opportunities can provide a student with confidence, give a them a goal to work towards, and allow them a platform to be themselves and have fun! 

Countdown to San Francisco!

Countdown to San Francisco!

Many of our students will have the incredible opportunity to perform in San Francisco this summer at the historic Herbst Theatre, located in the San Francisco War Memorial Performing Arts Center. We are looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco! 

Mark your calendar for
San Francisco Spirit Week on April 19th – April 25th!  

All students are encouraged to participate. Happy Practicing! 

music theater summer camp, SHINE
Shine Summer Camp

This summer join us for our first annual music theater summer camp, SHINE!

Vivaldi Music Academy is excited to introduce its first annual  Musical Theater Summer Camp, SHINE! SHINE is a two week fun-filled summer camp that  includes master classes, workshops on artist development and theatrical performance, and even an introduction to Improv!  Our Directors and Boston Conservatory Alumni, Jasmine and Kelton Washington will prepare students to shine on stage! To conclude SHINE, they will have the opportunity to show off all they’ve learned and debut in a final showcase at the University of St. Thomas! 

The summer camp is available to ages 8 and up, for singers and non-singers, and for non Vivaldi students.   The classes will be curated for age-appropriate activities. Be a star at Vivaldi Music Academy’s SHINE – Musical Theater Summer Camp!

WHEN: Monday, June 8th – Saturday, June 20th, Monday – Friday 9am to 11:30am 
WHERE:  Bellaire Location (5305 Bissonnet St)
SHOW DAY: Saturday the 20th – 7:30pm at University of St. Thomas – Cullen Hall 
TUITION: $250 per week 

Children’s Museum Performance!

Children’s Museum Performance! 

We are gearing up for what is sure to be a stellar performance at the Children’s Museum Showcase! Our Group Voice class has been hard at work perfecting songs such as  Can’t Help Falling in Love, and All is Found! Come out and support your fellow musicians on April 2nd!