Our Faculty

About our Faculty

From decorated recitalists to award winning composers including members of the Houston Symphony and Houston Grand Opera, our faculty is dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. We are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs. Our faculty have instrument specific university degrees from prestigious institutions such as Boston Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Cleveland Institute of Music, Yale University and Rice University. In addition, faculty members have warm personalities and are dedicated to teaching you the style and genre of music that you want to learn.

Vivaldi Music Academy Current Faculty

  • Jasmine Washington

    Jasmine Washington

  • Andrew Hagan

    Andrew Hagan

  • Charlie Trejo

    Charlie Trejo

  • Beverly Mintz

    Beverly Mintz

  • Sam Perez

    Sam Perez

  • Erik Sandstrom

    Erik Sandstrom

  • Fernando Lopez

    Fernando Lopez

  • Ashley Narang

    Ashley Narang

  • MacKenzie Conner

    MacKenzie Conner

  • Colin Davis

    Colin Davis

  • Edmar Oliveira

    Edmar Oliveira

  • Alejandra Burgos

    Alejandra Burgos

  • Letícia Motta Rodrigues

    Letícia Motta Rodrigues

  • Sunjung Lee

    Sunjung Lee

  • Alfonso Fontaina

    Alfonso Fontaina

  • Kyungok Kim

    Kyungok Kim

  • Caitlin Duckworth

    Caitlin Duckworth

  • Mary Regan

    Mary Regan

  • Wheelin Han

    Wheelin Han

  • Geralyn Mitchell

    Geralyn Mitchell

  • David Weygandt

    David Weygandt

  • Dylan DiMauro

    Dylan DiMauro

  • Jessica Ferring

    Jessica Ferring

  • Courtney Park

    Courtney Park

  • Charlie Tran

    Charlie Tran

  • Teresa Zimmermann

    Teresa Zimmermann

  • John Valadez Jr

    John Valadez Jr

  • Lynn Wang

    Lynn Wang

  • Nehemiah Hughes

    Nehemiah Hughes

  • Manuel Molina

    Manuel Molina

  • Yueun Kim

    Yueun Kim

  • Kevin Punnackal

    Kevin Punnackal

  • Josan Pinto

    Josan Pinto

  • Aina Von Essen

    Aina Von Essen

  • Kieran Copley

    Kieran Copley

  • Wyatt Coleman

    Wyatt Coleman

  • John Amar

    John Amar

  • Martha Cunyus

    Martha Cunyus

  • Arturo “Archie” Garcia

    Arturo “Archie” Garcia

  • Jose Camacho

    Jose Camacho

  • Sharon Lind

    Sharon Lind

  • Lindsey Tootle

    Lindsey Tootle

  • Angela Lee

    Angela Lee

  • Kelton Washington

    Kelton Washington

  • Rachel Warden

    Rachel Warden

  • Matthew Gutwald

    Matthew Gutwald

  • David Westbrook

    David Westbrook

  • Madeline Rose Klein

    Madeline Rose Klein

  • Lachlan Fife

    Lachlan Fife

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