December News & Updates

Vivaldi Music Academy Goes to the Family Theater at the Kennedy Center

We are pleased to announce our summer debut at the prestigious John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Family Theater on Friday June 23rd, 2017. Registration will begin Saturday January 21st at 9 am. Please see for more details on how to register!

Introducing the Musical Ladder System

Vivaldi Music Academy is proud to introduce the Musical Ladder System for student lesson engagement and progress. Developed by Director Zeljko Pavlovic’s colleague, music academy owner Marty Fort and used by music schools throughout the US and Canada, the Musical Ladder System will help you keep track of your child’s progress through a rewards program that kids love. More details coming soon!

Musical Ladder System offered at Vivaldi Music Academy


Winter Recitals 2016-2017

We are looking forward to seeing everyone perform! Please be sure to double-check your recital time and date and directions for parking. Please allow yourself plenty of time for parking and reaching the hall.


Sunday December 11 2016
Saturday December 17 2016
Sunday January 8 2017
Saturday January 14 2017


Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
*Students must be enrolled in the Academy at the time of the recital in order to participate
Please let us know if you have any questions prior to your recital day*


The Academy will be closed for the holidays Monday, December 19th-Sunday January 1st.  Classes and lessons will resume Monday January 2nd.

For current students only:

Please remember that lessons are billed on a 48-week year with 4 weeks of holidays built into the schedule.  You receive an average of 4 lessons per month. When you have 5 lessons in 5 week months, we do not charge you more and when you have less than 4 lessons we do not charge you less.  No make-ups are required for holiday closures.


Upcoming Events

December Student Winter recitals:

Sunday December 11 2016
Saturday December 17 2016

Winter Recess

Monday, December 19th-Sunday January 1st.
Classes and lessons will resume Monday January 2

January Student Winter Recitals

Sunday January 8 2017
Saturday January 14 2017

Kennedy Center Registration

Saturday January 21st 9 am

Faculty Concert

Saturday January 28th 7 pm
Houston Baptist University

Student of the Month: Addison C.!

  1. What school do you currently attend?
    • Lovett Elementary, 5th Grade
  2. What do you like most about playing violin?
    • How much I have been able to improve in the last few years. I started a bit later than everyone else in my school since I began learning on a wind instrument before switching to violin. I was struggling to keep up at first but over the last couple of years I have made great strides and have been playing in the top orchestra at school.
  3. When did you start taking violin lessons?
    • I started in 2nd grade
  4. What advice do you have for those who would like to take violin lessons?
    • Listen to you instructors. They can teach you techniques and music pieces that will make you a top player.
  5. Tell us about auditioning for All City Orchestra.
    • I rode a bus to a different school. There was a judge behind a curtain so he or she could not see me or any of the students auditioning. We, of course, could not see the judge either. They did that so only the way we played would count. Nothing about how we looked or whether the judge knew one of us personally would come into play. They gave us three pieces to learn 10 days ahead of the audition. They were harder pieces than I usually play. I practiced a great deal for the 10 days I had.
    • There were students from all over HISD and even some homeschoolers auditioning. They gave us all codes so they would not use our name when calling us so the judge would not know the name of the person on the other side of the curtain. I played the songs I had practiced intensely for the last week and a half. The next week, I went to my after school practice like I do every week. My orchestra teacher had posted the list on the wall. I saw my name highlighted and my teacher made an announcement about all who made it into the All City Orchestra!
  6. When you found out you were selected, how did you feel?
    • I felt great for accomplishing something with all of that practice. It was hard to concentrate for after school practice that day because I was so happy. I cannot wait until spring when we start practicing as an All City Orchestra.
addison-c – Violin Student at Vivaldi Music Academy