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5+ Tips for Successful Online Music Lessons


Online learning has become a premier choice for education, especially in times like these. Even before social distancing, remote learning allowed students to access resources and professionals that may have been out of reach for them normally. 


Online music lessons empower young musicians to continue their education by allowing them to connect with their teachers and new resources, even if they aren’t physically able to make it to lessons. It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue learning and growing, but how can parents get the most out of it?


Set up a “Lesson Room” at Home

It’s important to designate a dedicated work space for your student. While it may be tempting to do lessons from a main area in the house, distractions are sure to happen. Give your student the best chance for success by setting up a “lesson room” for them in a quiet, secluded area. Shut the door and make sure other family members know not to go in during the lesson.

Make it fun and get your student involved by having them set up the room! They can find the perfect spot with good lighting and even decorate it to make it unique to them!


Use the Right Device

Since your student will be communicating with their teacher through technology, it’s important to use the right device. A laptop, desktop, or tablet works best since these have the biggest screens. If their teacher is showing them a certain bar of music or hand placement, a larger screen will make it easier for your student to see what’s going on. If none of these are available, however, that’s okay! Just make sure your student can clearly see the teacher on whichever screen they’re using.

Internet connection is also extremely important for online lessons. Bad internet connection can make the image grainy, distort the video, or freeze it altogether. Ensure that your student’s lesson room is near the router if your home WiFi connection isn’t strong. For even better connection, use a physical cable to connect your device directly to the router


Practice Throughout the Week

Remember that progression takes place between lessons when students are practicing and reinforcing what they learned the previous week. Take time out of the lesson to talk with your student and their teacher about your student’s practice plan. Your student should have clear goals for what they should be practicing and for how long.

With social distancing becoming the norm, students have even more time to practice their instrument and can progress even more quickly!


Set Goals

Setting goals will already be something your student is familiar with, especially if they have been taking lessons for a while. Some of these goals may change with online lessons (like performing in a recital or at an audition) so it’s important to sit down with your student to reevaluate their goals, or create new ones if necessary! 

Goal setting keeps students dedicated and enthusiastic during these challenging times, so it’s important for goals to be SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Make sure to create both short and long term goals!


Show Off Your Achievements

For students, showing off what they’ve been working on can be a fun and exciting way to keep their passion for music alive! Even with social distancing in place, it’s possible for your student to do this!

One fun way is to have your student put on a recital at home. These can be planned or impromptu. Your student can make tickets to pass out to family members, recruit siblings to set up a stage and an audience area, and even announce your student as they “take the stage.” 

This can also be a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family outside of the home. Invite grandma and grandpa to join in over video call! This can serve as great motivation for young musicians.


Approach Online Lessons with the Right Attitude

This one may seem obvious, but during these challenging times it can be easy to forget! Having the right attitude will undoubtedly take online lessons from a past time to an enriching experience. Both you and your student should remember that music is fun, healing, and rewarding. Some days, progress can come in baby steps, and others it can come in leaps and bounds! The important thing is to remember to have fun and stay positive!

If your student is struggling or is having a hard day, ask your teacher to work on something fun and simple for the lesson. Just having the feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s a basic piece of music, will do wonders for a young musician.

June Newsletter 2019

Summer Music Recitals in Houston

Summer Recitals

Summer Recitals at University of St. Thomas this June!

We are looking forward to the Summer Recitals on June 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd at the University of St. Thomas at Cullen Hall. Please review your emails for the FAQs and let us know if you have any questions as we get closer to recital days – we’re here to help you have a smooth and memorable recital experience!

Vivaldi Students had a blast at Apple Music Sessions

May 29th

From creating a theme song to learning notes and chords on iPads and iPad Pros, Vivaldi students had a blast.

Vivaldi Music Academy partners with Apple!

Students have the exclusive opportunity to make music and learn at Today at Apple music sessions. These sessions will inspire students to create music and dream big with technology!

We have hand selected music sessions for students to learn how to create their favorite theme songs on GarageBand Smart Instruments and build songs from famous producers and songwriters! The sessions will be at the Apple Store in Highland Village (4012 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027) and led by an Apple Creative. iPad/iPad Pros will be provided at the store – students are also welcome to bring their own iPad/iPad Pro.

We are excited to share this exclusive opportunity with Vivaldi students!

Vivaldi Music Academy Students Make Royal Debut in London this Summer

Vivaldi Music Academy students perform in London at the Royal Academy of Music in the iconic Duke’s Hall. Over forty performers and two concerts, the students will showcase their talents in solo and ensemble on Monday, July 15th at 2pm and 7pm.

The Royal Academy of Music is the oldest conservatory in the U.K. Duke’s Hall has been a pillar of the campus since 1911, when the academy moved to its current site. The venue’s rich history, combined with the international academy’s dedication to emboldening its scholars’ creativity and musical prowess. We are looking forward to the royal debut!

Stay tuned for the exciting adventures ahead!
Follow us on social media and use hashtag #VivaldiGoesToLondon

Make a Splash this Summer with Music Lessons!

Summer is the perfect time to splash into music lessons! Learn your favorite song or tune, brush up on your music skills or start something new this summer! Learning music is a great way to beat the heat and engage in an inspirational activity this summer. Summer lesson spots are filling fast! Give us a call today at one of our three locations: Memorial + Bellaire + West U

Upcoming Events

June 15th, 16th 22nd, and 23rd
Summer Recitals at University of St. Thomas

July 15th 2pm and 7pm
Student Performance in London at The Royal Academy of Music

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John F. Kennedy Center Debut 2017 | June Newsletter


June Newsletter | 2017

Vivaldi Music Academy is pleased to announce our students’ summer debut at the prestigious John F Kennedy Center for thePerforming Arts’ Family Theater.

We can’t wait to perform in our nation’s capital!Follow us on social media


The Center, which opened on September 8, 1971, continues its efforts to fulfill President Kennedy's vision for the performing arts. Each year, the institution that bears President Kennedy's name brings his dream to fruition, touching the lives of millions of people through thousands of performances by the greatest artists from across America and around the world.
The new 324-seat Family Theater provides a new home for world-class performances for the nation's youth. "This new venue" said Michael Kaiser, former Kennedy Center President, "expands the Kennedy Center's ability to produce and present excellent works for young people."


With amazing teachers, Vivaldi studentsare gearing up for the next Musical Ladder tests and are sure to shine!

Vivaldi Music Academy Musical Ladder Students


Sat June 24th - Fri. June 30th
Sun, July 23rd - Sat. July 29th
Sun, Aug 27th - Sat. Sept 2nd
Sun, Sept 24th - Sat. Sept 30th
Sun, Oct 29th - Sat. Nov 4th
Mon, Nov 27th - Sun Dec 3rd

Vivaldi Music Academy offers music lessons during the summer

Don’t miss out on a musical summer – spots are going fast and we’d love for you to join us at Vivaldi Music Academy! Call us today at West University 713-858-9617 or Bellaire 832-404-2299 and sign up today!


Vivaldi Music Academy - Top ranked place for Music Lessons

Vivaldi Music Academy has been nominated by Kids Out and About for the top 20 places to take kids in Houston! 
We need your help to vote for us by June 15th! Vote for Vivaldi Music Academy under the "Favorite Arts Education Facility":

Vivaldi Music Academy Summer Recital Banner

Congratulations on achieving a major milestone in your musical development! Participation in recitals boosts confidence, provides goals, and builds new skills for students!

June 3rd, June 10th, and June 17th
Please let us know if you have any questions prior to your recital day. We look forward to your performance in June!
Happy Practicing!

Houston Baptist University-Morris Cultural Arts Center Belin Chapel
7502 Fondren Rd. Houston, Texas 77074

Outside of Houston Baptist University
Houston Baptist University - Summer Recital


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Saturday June 3rd, Saturday June 10th and Saturday June 17th: Summer Recitals, HBU

Friday June 23rd 7:30 pm: Vivaldi Music Academy debuts at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC

Upcoming Musical Ladder Testing
Sat June 24th - Fri. June 30th

Independence Day Holiday
Saturday, July 1st, 2017 - Tuesday, July 4th, 2017
Classes and lessons will resume Wednesday, July 5th, 2017