August Newsletter – Back to School Edition


Breaking News

Vivaldi Music Academy is opening a second location in Bellaire (5305 Bissonnet Street)!

More details coming soon!


Student Spotlight – Rory Leech

Our student Rory Leech is never afraid to ‪#‎DreamBig‬‬‬ and be who he is – who he was meant to be! It’s how he got to perform with the one and only Idina Menzel on her world tour in Houston Texas as he sang “Take me or Leave me” from RENT! Go Rory – we are so proud of you!


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Happy 2nd Birthday to us! It’s crazy how much we’ve done in a short two years; countless performances, laughs – we even made it to Carnegie! It wouldn’t have been possible without all our wonderful students, faculty, and staff! Here’s to two years and many more! Thank you to all of our students and faculty.




For parents and kids alike, the back to school season can be a stressful time. It’s a time for new responsibilities, new routines and new activities – and sometimes simply getting back into the swing of things takes some preparation! If music lessons are part of the mix this year, consider making family life a lot easier with a few preemptive actions.

– Lock down your schedule.

Most kids respond well to consistent schedules, so use a calendar to ensure everyone knows what activities are expected each day. This includes both lessons and practice times! Also, consider including a rewards system as part of the schedule; for example, when your son’s Tuesday piano lesson is over, encourage him to add a star to the calendar. If he practices for 30 minutes after the lesson, add another star. He’ll be able to see his progress and make the connection to consistent practicing and hard work.

– Set expectations for practicing.

For example, do you expect him to continue his lessons through the end of the school year? Will he need to set aside practice time on Saturday morning before playing outside? Be firm with your expectations, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

– Stay organized.

Come to music lessons with all the essentials! Everything your child needs for her music lessons (pencils, sheet music, practice journal, and of course, her instrument) should stay organized in one area. If your child is especially forgetful, consider creating a checklist and posting it on the door.


– Befriend your child’s music teacher.

Starting music lessons for the first time – especially with a new, unfamiliar teacher – can be a scary experience for some children. Most teachers encourage parents to sit in on at least the first few lessons, which will help ease the anxiety, and also allows you to get a feel for their teaching style. Communication is key, for everyone involved!

– Don’t forget the practice journal.

A practice journal can be an incredibly valuable tool, when both student and teacher are using it effectively. Sit down with your child and review the journal each week; encourage her to share what she thinks she did well, what she should work on, and what the next step is. It may not be clear at first to her, but as she progresses and gets older, she’ll be comfortable with the process of setting and reaching goals.
And last, but certainly not least…

– Book lessons now!