5 easy steps to start playing the violin!

Learning violin offers rewards, expression and creativity! These 5 steps are to START enjoying and playing the violin.

The two most popular private lessons requested are violin and piano! And between the two instruments, they both make beautiful music. The violin is more rewarding because a beginner starting with violin learns the fundamentals of hand placement and bowing which is more challenging than piano.

Five easy steps to START to play the violin: 


Beginning to play any musical instrument, a mentor is the first critical step especially for an instrument like the violin. Private lessons for violin begin at the age of 4 and in the first few lessons, students are learning how to hold the bow and the violin. 

Guidance for an instrument like the violin will help to develop the correct posture and position for playing the violin. A teacher who is creative, fun and experienced will make attending violin lessons enjoyable and rewarding. 

Parents have many choices of music lessons such as in-home lessons, after school private lessons and music academies. Find the best option for your family to start and continue to learn music. 


There are nine different sizes of violin and when starting to play violin, it is recommended to rent the violin. The benefits of renting a violin are: the right fit, insurance and quality of the instrument. 

For violin shops, google “violin shop near me” and call before visiting to ask about pricing and availability of the instrument. At the violin shop, one of the associates will measure the student for the perfect size. Once the size is selected and the violin is PERFECT, the violin will be accompanied with a case, bow, rosin, and cleaning rag. These items will be useful to start playing violin. 


Now that you have your violin and have selected a music school near you, try a full month of lessons. There are some music schools that recommend doing a “trial” lesson, however the true gauge if you like the instrument, school and teacher is with one month of lessons. 

The first lesson is an introduction and setting up the plan for the first month. Playing the instrument will begin in the first month.  


Attending your lessons each week is a great way to start playing the violin along with practicing at home. Create a routine after and before your weekly lessons for example, after you attend your lesson, show your family members what you learned. Then before attending your weekly lesson, review what you learned and your homework. This will help you progress into a routine and also loving the journey of playing the violin. 


Learning how to play the violin is the journey and performing is the ultimate reward! Students at Vivaldi Music Academy have the opportunity to perform on prestigious concert venues in Houston and outside of Houston. Being able to perform after practicing and learning will be a reward and treat for your family and friends. 

If you are interested in performing in Houston, students perform at recitals halls like Rice University Ducan Hall, Cullen Hall at the University of St. Thomas, Belin Chapel at Houston Baptist University. 

And if you’re interested in the Vivaldi Music Academy Summer Recital tradition, join us at Carnegie Hall in July of 2022! In previous years, students have performed in London at the Royal Academy of Music, Venice Italy’s Vivaldi’s Church, and The John of Kennedy Center of Performing Arts in Washington D.C. 

DREAM BIG! Play Music at Vivaldi Music Academy, largest music school in Texas! With four convenient locations in West University, Bellaire, Memorial, and Sugar Land. We offer private music lessons starting at the age of 4 in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, drums, flute, and much more! For the younger musicians, we offer early childhood music classes to learn and play with music!