How to Prepare for Recitals

Everyone has different methods of how to prepare for a recital. But here are a few things that we all must accomplish before we can give a successful performance.


Ask Your Teacher:

Who better to ask than your own teacher what their pre-recital routines are? Your teacher is equipped with knowledge and experience and can impart excellent advice from a personal standpoint.

Stretch and Breathe:

Playing music is as physical as it is mental. Warming up with stretching before practicing and performing is essential for the body to function to its fullest potential. Breathing deeply enhances concentration and relaxes nerves. Try to get good rest the night before the recital as well.

Stage a Perfauxmance:

 By giving a mock performance, your child can play in front of an audience so they will have a perspective of how it will feel during a public recital. Plus, constructive feedback from trusted loved ones can help a child grow and expand their own personal style.

Comfort and Style:

Allow your child to express their individuality through what they want to wear during their recital. Comfort and freedom of movement are crucial to avoiding a “wardrobe malfunction.” But color and flair can help with your child’s self-confidence as well. A large part of your child’s overall recital experience is their comfort level and how they want to present.

Visualize the Performance:

When they are not playing for others, visualizing themselves and giving it their all will help boost confidence and focus. This is important whether the recital is in person or virtual.

And last but not least, Practice, Practice, Practice – Practice really does make “perfect” and when you have practiced your performance until you are comfortable with it, you’ll go into your recital with belief in your abilities. And confidence is key to a successful recital.

Recital Prep 101:

Preparing for a recital takes practice, discipline, and hard work. Encourage your child to visualize their best performance, take deep breaths, focus on the piece they are about to play, and show off their hard work. And most of all, have fun!

Come hear what we have to play!

Students at Vivaldi Music Academy perform in bi-annual recitals in Houston at the University of St. Thomas, Houston Baptist University, Rice University, and the Stages Theater. Students also have the opportunity to perform at renowned concert halls including The church of Santa Maria della Pietà (Vivaldi Church) in Venice, the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and Carnegie Hall in NYC. 

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