Vivaldi Summer Adventures!

The students at Vivaldi Music Academy kicked off the summer with a trip to Venice, Italy! The students and teachers were able to travel across the world for Vivaldi’s summer music recital and perform at the Santa Maria della Pieta…also known as Vivaldi’s Church! We are so proud of our students and can’t wait to see where we will go next summer. Stay tuned for our October announcement! #vivaldigoestoVenice #vivaldikids #wherewillVivaldigonext

Venice, Italy | Vivaldi Music Academy Summer 2016 | Piano and Violin

Phenomenal performances from our students who arrived at the Santa Maria Della Pieta by boat (vaporetto) and on foot through the canals and streets of Venice. From left to right, first row: Milo Montesi, Matthew Fisk, Syon Doshi, Natalya Pavlovic, Alex Vilela, Alex Pavlovic. From left to right, second row: Julia Nguyen, Sehaj Doshi, Kapil Anand, and Katia De Jong.

Venice | Violin student Alex

Focus and smiles from Alex Pavlovic as he performs Bach’s Minuet

AlexV in Venice Italy

A smiling crowd including local Venetians and tourists wandered into the recital to enjoy Alex Vilela’s piano performance as a respite from the Venetian summer.

Milo | Venice Italy

Milo Montesi filled the rafters of the Santa Maria della Pieta with his melodious tunes.

Many Vivaldi Music Academy students also went out and had adventures of their own!

Summer Adventure | VMA

With sand between her toes, a cool breeze and ocean waves our student Franciska, had so much fun at a beach in California!  

Photographs by Rinku – Simran

Simran strikes a pose beach-side in San Diego!

Max Summer Adventure

Brick by brick and note by note, Max G had a blast filling his summer adventures with piano lessons and hanging out with a Legoland Pirate!

Summer Adventures

In pure Viennese style, international travelers and violin students Adriana and Sebastian enjoy a cultural experience at the Vienna State Opera House in Austria!

Pavlovic Fam

Silly times in Porec, Croatia for Alex and Natalya!

Some of our students even had a wonderful staycation!

Fun Summer | Vivaldi Students

Reva and Anisa beat the Texas heat at a pool party with family and friends. And Anisa made a splash starting violin lessons over the summer in addition to her piano lessons! Way to go!

We are so glad that all of our students took on wonderful adventures this summer! We know that summer adventures are coming to an end as everyone is heading back to school but, we want you guys to know that the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Spots are filling up fast as everyone is heading back to school, call us today to book music lessons for the school year!