10 Reasons to Play the Piano


by Melanie Spanswick

Music Brings us Happiness

Music and music lessons bring us all so much happiness – it really is very central to our lives. It is important to be given the chance to make music because it can give us an emotional and creative outlet.

Music Provides Satisfaction

Playing an instrument is an excellent source of pleasure and fulfilment and can provide a deep sense of satisfaction.

No Accompaniment Required!

The piano provides both melody and harmony, therefore it can be played solo without any accompaniment.

The Piano is Easy to Learn

It is possible to make coherent sounds on the piano from the very beginning because it has ready-made pitches (you depress a key and it makes a sound) unlike other instruments where it can take many months of study before a pleasant sound is produced.

Learning the Piano Focuses the Mind

Mastering the piano through piano lessons requires a tremendous amount of coordination (you really do have to multi-task!) so this can cultivate many useful mental skills. It really focuses the mind.

Music Makes you Happier

Children and adults who take part in musical activities are happier and more sociable than those who don’t.

Piano Lesson can help you at School

The study of music is an extension of the learning process so children who excel at piano playing and take piano lessons often do well at school too.

Opportunities to Perform

Playing the piano provides a ready-made opportunity to perform. Performing is so important for everybody. If practiced regularly, it builds confidence – which, as we all know, is crucial for success in all walks of life.

Learning the Piano can be a Lifelong Interest

Learning the piano can develop a passion and an interest in life.

Last but not Least

It’s fun!

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